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Many people have found the following books useful when coping with their grief. These are available to borrow from the Support Meetings.

Jo by Caroline Youde Bang! The whole world changes around you because of a series of events. This is the personal account of the pain and grief suffered by Caroline Youde on the loss of her son Jo. Not only did she lose her son but her ability to have more children.

Born Asleep is my personal account of the unexplained stillbirth of my daughter Amy at 39 weeks gestation in April, 2002.  She was my second child. Losing my precious baby in this way was a deeply traumatic and profoundly sad experience for me.  A life changing event that I knew I would need to document.

Finding Zoe It was in January 2003, whilst visiting Australia, when Paula first heard of Zoe and Clive Gentle during a conversation with a mutual friend.  That was to be a conversation that once again changed her life.  On arrival back in England, Paula set out on the long and emotional journey to find out as much as she could about Zoe, a baby who had died over forty years before.

Where did I go wrong? Is a personal account of the journey Sarah Speake has made since her daughter Amélie's unexpectedly early birth and subsequent death, a mere eleven days later.  Her experience has altered the core of who she is irrevocably, and made her re-assess her priorities. This book details the agonies of Amélie's life in intensive care, and the emotional rollercoaster Sarah and her husband Martin have had to endure since

Alice : A Journey  A new book added to the Sands range detailing the moving account of Alice's brief life and death after weeks of uncertainty, and her mother's healing journey.  "Lying shaking on the scanning table, I was told the baby inside me had a 50-50 chance of survival. I was six months pregnant. Our baby would either live or die and we had no way of finding out."

Living with Leo Leo's father, Mario, has written movingly of his experience of prospective fatherhood and the distress of bereavement. Twelve letters written over a year, from a father to his son, tell the story of Mario's life with Leo: of the excitement and anticipation, the grief and loss, and perhaps most important of all, the emergence of strength and hope.

Fathers Feel Too  When Andrew Don's baby Lara Jean died at five months in the womb, the hospital consultant sent his wife a condolence letter which didn't mention him. Andrew felt like a non-person.  He writes, "Lara Jean was my baby, too. I'd read the books and seen the movie. I was prepared for fully-fledged fatherhood and had signed up for the full deal."

Soulmates Blessed by little angels : “January 5th 2001 was a day that will be stamped in my mindforever. For it was the day in which my dreams shattered into a million pieces at the devastating and unnecessary loss of my beautiful angel son Keiryn.” Cheryl Peachey's deeply emotional rollercoaster journey after Kieryn's death took her to realms she never knew existed.
  Thomas A Lifetime Denied  Shelley Wilkinson wanted to tell the world about her wonderful son: how his death left her heartbroken but also how it has changed the course of her life. This book describes a mother's emotional journey to reconcile her anger and sadness at her baby's death, moving from denial, devastation, guilt, anger and to finally hope.
  I Hate This - A play without the Baby David Hansen's one man play takes you from the moment his son was born and through the year that follows.... but not in that order.This is an honest, compelling and even humorous trip through one father's experience of stillbirth.  The script of this extraordinary play, which is touring the UK in June 2007, is now available.
  A Candle for Lisa Lisa Ruskin was born prematurely with serious heart defects. As her mother Debbie recovered consciousness from the emergency Caesarean Section, she was pressed to give consent to switch off Lisa's life support machine. She later learned that Lisa's organs had been retained by the hospital.
Toby's Tiny Tot Taken from the series, "Toby's Triumphs", a collection of charming takes about a young boy named Toby. Toby's Tiny Tot is the sensitive story of Toby's longing for a sibling. Through his eyes, we follow the painful path of loss and its consuming sadness. Beautifully illustrated a useful resource for families to help children understand about the death of their baby brother or sister.

A Star for Bobby This is a book which talks directly to young children, using language and illustrations they can understand, about the death of a brother or sister, explaining why sometimes these things happen and how this may be making them feel.  A Star for Bobby tells the story of a family of birds. One of the newly hatched birds Bobby, is sick and soon dies. Bobby is buried and his brother and sister, on going to bed that evening, look up at the night sky to see a star shining especially brightly, Bobby's star.
  When a Baby Dies, The experience of late miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death This sensitive informative book offers a lifeline to bereaved parents and their families and is essential reading for every professional who comes into contact with parents after the death of their baby.
  Guidelines for Professionals Widely recognised as an essential benchmark for good practice when caring for parents who have a pregnancy loss, a stillbirth or the death of a baby at birth or shortly afterwards.  The 2007 edition builds on the foundations laid down in previous editions. It is based on research findings and on widespread discussions with a broad range of health professionals, bereaved parents and relevant voluntary organisations.

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The Glasgow Sands organisation produces support leaflets, these are normally provided to bereaved parents during their stay in hospital and can also be collected from our Support Meetings. 

Health Professionals can request these leaflets and we will issue you free of charge copies as required - Please click to view leaflets and how to order 

Glasgow Sands donate quarterly to the National Organisation who are working to promote research and improvements in practice which could save babies' lives.

This section contains first hand experiences written by parents and their relatives about the death of their baby, plus a selection of poems and memorials. Please click on the links to read more.

Parents Experiences Relatives Experiences Poems/Memorials

Fundraising with Glasgow SANDS

Glasgow Sands is a charity that receives no goverment funding, all financial support comes from fundraisers and their wonderful efforts.  Losing a baby not only affects the immediate family but friends and the extended family too. Find out how you can help...


Add a Memorial Page
Add a Memorial Page
Within the Chapel of Rest at each of the maternity hospitals across the city, and at Wishaw, Glasgow Sands befrienders work with the staff to maintain memorial books.  These leather bound books are available for all to read. For the Southern General you will need to request to view them at the maternity Hospital.

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We are so sorry that your baby has died.


Memory BoxIt may feel very hard to take in the reality of what has happened and to have any thoughts of what to do next. However, many parents have told us how important the memories of the short time they have with their baby are and that they have found it comforting to have reminders that they can look at and hold.

This ‘Always Loved, Never Forgotten’ memory box is given by Glasgow Sands as a way to create some memories which you can cherish.


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