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23/10/2013 21:53


My husband and I decided to start trying for a baby in 2009. One year later no luck so the tests began and we were eventually told that IVF was our only hope. 

We had our first IVF treatment in July this year. I didn't respond very well and our chances of getting pregnant was low. However we were over the moon to see a positive pregnancy test on 9th August. Had a scan in September and saw 2 we were having twins!

Everything was going well.......and then in Sunday 20th October I went in to labour and my twin boys Louis and Ollie were born sleeping at home. I was only 15 weeks pregnant. 

Their funeral will be held on Monday and I just on't know how we are going to get through the next few days let alone the weeks and months ahead. 

We are devastated. 

Thanks to SANDS though we have a beautiful keepsake box with their tiny hand and footprints which I will cherish forever. 

Hopefully things will get easier or us over the coming months but it's still v raw at the moment and we are really struggling. 

Anne W

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29/10/2013 20:54

Hi Anne

My name is Catherine, I am one of the befriender's from Glasgow SANDS. I am so very sorry to hear of the devastating loss of your twin boy's, Louis and Ollie.I am glad that you have gained some comfort from the keepsake box. I am wondering if you would like to speak with someone direct? If you would, please send an email to with a number and a time that is best for you, either myself or one of my colleagues will contact you? This maybe something you may or may not want to do..there is no right or wrong, only what feels right for you. I will be thinking of you both With warmest wishes, Catherine. 

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The Glasgow Sands organisation produces support leaflets, these are normally provided to bereaved parents during their stay in hospital and can also be collected from our Support Meetings. 

Health Professionals can request these leaflets and we will issue you free of charge copies as required - Please click to view leaflets and how to order 

Glasgow Sands donate quarterly to the National Organisation who are working to promote research and improvements in practice which could save babies' lives.

This section contains first hand experiences written by parents and their relatives about the death of their baby, plus a selection of poems and memorials. Please click on the links to read more.

Parents Experiences Relatives Experiences Poems/Memorials

Fundraising with Glasgow SANDS

Glasgow Sands is a charity that receives no goverment funding, all financial support comes from fundraisers and their wonderful efforts.  Losing a baby not only affects the immediate family but friends and the extended family too. Find out how you can help...


Add a Memorial Page
Add a Memorial Page
Within the Chapel of Rest at each of the maternity hospitals across the city, and at Wishaw, Glasgow Sands befrienders work with the staff to maintain memorial books.  These leather bound books are available for all to read. For the Southern General you will need to request to view them at the maternity Hospital.

Should you wish to add a page you can - click here to find out how


We are so sorry that your baby has died.


Memory BoxIt may feel very hard to take in the reality of what has happened and to have any thoughts of what to do next. However, many parents have told us how important the memories of the short time they have with their baby are and that they have found it comforting to have reminders that they can look at and hold.

This ‘Always Loved, Never Forgotten’ memory box is given by Glasgow Sands as a way to create some memories which you can cherish.


Should you wish to request a Memory Box you can - click here to find out how